Public Art Paste Up at Bakehouse Studios September 2016

This paste-up on the billboards on Hoddle Street Richmond is a snap shot of my studio wall in Brunswick. Finished pieces, works in progress. It’s about process: ideas that evolve into drawings and sketches on paper or three-dimensional objects. For me this is the joyous part of being an artist; I love it. Mostly my work is deeply inspired by nature and what I see around me; but it’s becoming generative and increasingly abstract. Sometimes there aren’t really ideas, I just work in an almost meditative state and see what happens… playing with textures, surfaces, scale and materials such as watercolour, gouache, pencil and ink. Collages, small sculptures made from wood, glass beads, textiles and metal. There is rarely any obvious narrative or commentary in my work, but black coal and coral have found their way in here … I am appalled by the lack of real political engagement and action to protect all our marine environments and The Great Barrier Reef.

Usually my work is quite small, so seeing it this big is really exciting, the billboards are more than three metres wide and over two metres high. Rather than using a single finished art work for my billboard paste up I wanted some sort of connection between the exterior of the building and all that is happening inside: rehearsing, composing, writing, experimenting, playing with ideas to create music, art, poetry.