Radiant Pavilion starts next week!

In Spanish ‘bosquejo’ is a sketch, or the rough outline of an idea. Shortly after the acceptance of my proposal for Radiant Pavilion I developed tendonitis in my elbow. Such bad timing, I could not work. Rather than withdraw due to injury I decided to present what I think of as three-dimensional drawings or sketches. Maquettes, pieces in progress, objects and experiments using light materials that would not hurt my arm such as balsa wood, Tasmanian oak dowel, string, ink, encaustic paint and a glue gun. Plaster, brass tube, wax cast into bronze. Steel wire and bamboo beads salvaged from the hard rubbish collection on the street. Sheep’s appendix, bone and pigment. Glass beads, waxed linen thread from Japan. Bosquejo has been an opportunity to search and play with ideas and materials in the studio. I made many things, some successful, others less so. Limited by the window space I have presented a small selection of work made during this frustrating but fun time in the studio!